Show & Tell Series by Fiona

by Fiona Cranfield – Mum of a Toddler

This series of short books is designed for younger children on different responses to “The King” – including suffering, welcoming and serving. There are pointers to “The King” from the Old Testament (Job) and the story of “The King” from the New Testament as well as what happened to one of his followers (Paul).

They are ideal for parents to use with their young children and then as the child gets older, they can read the stories for themselves.

The text is the story interspersed with questions and comments’ explaining what is happening in a clear way for the younger reader.

At the start of each book, the relevant Bible verses are listed – very helpful for pre-teaching reading to ensure the adult is familiar with the passage or for the child who wants to look the passage up or read it for themselves in their own Bible.

All the way through the books there are a variety of images chosen to illustrate the point being made.

From experience, a young child can often tell you what is happening in a story from a picture and by using a range of images, there are many reminders to the children what is happening.

These illustrations can also be used to encourage discussion on points of the story and then again as the stories and teachings become more familiar, and the child gets older, the pictures can be used to encourage the child to think in greater detail what is happening.

How many of us have struggled and ‘fluffed’ what we mean when trying to explain a longer word to an inquisitive child? Would you be able to explain succinctly Satan, Sinner or Gospels in a manner little children can understand?

Each of the books has a number of longer or more difficult words in the ‘Big words made simple’ section – each with its own short description therefore removing the need to bumble through a confusing explanation which helps no-one.

These books are split into five sections – sized ideally one for each day. There is a short prayer for every day which relates to the teachings in the story, and a relevant verse to reinforce the teaching point from that days story.

An excellent way to have a store of scripture verses to teach to the younger generation along with an illustration from the Bible.

These books are well written and well-illustrated and the author has drawn on his own experience of teaching children to help others negotiate some of the common pitfalls of clearly teaching the younger generation.

A highly recommended series for those wishing to give their children a good grounding in the Scriptures and to teach their children the importance of the life of “The King”.