Sermon Notes by Daniel

by Daniel Brown – aged 15

This is just not any old notebook, this is a book specially made for taking notes during church and looking back on previous sermons. It’s thin and easy to carry but still holds plenty of pages for you to fill up with what God is saying to you.

It begins with books of the Bible, inspirational passages and spaces for you to write the verses which mean the most to you in, along with a page for prayer requests.

A few pages later, you’ll find the first sermon pages. These are helpfully set out with places to write the date, place, preacher and so on. Probably the part that helped me the most is at the end of each sermon page.

The section that says “How am I going to apply today’s sermon to my life?” This is great because you can try and apply the sermon to your lifestyle during the week in between the sermons.

Another thing I love about this little book, is that it keeps your mind on what the preacher is saying. I’m sure many of us are guilty of letting our mind wander a wee bit during sermons, but with this book, you will be constantly looking for points to write down, keeping you concentrated on what God wants to say to you.

Overall, I think this book is excellent and a great thing to carry with your Bible to church or even midweek meetings.

I strongly recommend Sermon Notes by Day One ministries!

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