Mary’s Books! by Samuel

by Samuel Ikin – aged 10

Dear Mary Weeks Millard,

Thank you so much for writing all your incredible books! I have been reading them lots lately.

I have heard that you live in Weymouth, which I find rather funny because we have just moved from Weymouth to Bath! I go to a Church called Union Chapel in the Village of Combe Down. My Father is a Pastor of the Church and I am already a born again Christian. I have been finding your books very helpful and I am reading the one called Pirates and Prisoners which is very exciting!

I started reading your books only 1 month ago (November 2013) when a member of our church gave me a birthday present and it was called I want to be an airline pilot! After I finished reading it I decided I would like to read more. Then about 2 weeks later our church’s after school kids club had a point shop for the points we had collected and me and my friend were called in and the first thing I found was a book called under the Tamarind tree, so I put it into my bag and looked for more things I would like. The second thing I found was another book called Caravans and Castles which I also bought. Then I found something my sister (Hannah Ikin) would have liked, it was also a book called the Birthday Shoes so I got it for her birthday the next day, and she loves it she also got a book for her birthday called living in hope!

I so enjoyed reading caravans and castles (I also loved under the tamarind tree and I want to be an airline pilot!) that I decided to spend my pocket money on another one of your books called Pirates and prisoners! I so loved that that I spent my pocket money on Sunshine and snowstorms! Now I am saving for Romans and Ransoms. I am reading it nnow. (Sunshine and snowstorms)

All the places that are mentioned in pirates and prisoners (Dorchester, Abbotsbury, Portland and Weymouth) I visited in my time living in Weymouth!

I lived on 13 Cromwell Road on the Abbotsbury hill and we went to the church Ebenezer. The Church I now go to is the one where your sister in law (Margaret Weeks) goes to. Between me and my sister we now have a whole series (I want to be an airline pilot, under the Tamarind tree, the birthday shoes and living in hope) I hope to see more of your books soon!

Thank you ever so much for writing
Love from,
Samuel Ikin age 10

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