Rebecca Parkinson

My name is Rebecca Parkinson and I’m the author of a number of books published by Day One.

I am married to a fireman and we live in Lancashire with our two children. I work part time as a teacher and, along with my husband, lead the Youth and Children’s Work in a local church which is great fun!

I started to attend church after my sisters and I were invited to attend a Holiday Bible Club run by a lady who worked for Day One Christian Ministries (formerly The Lord’s Day Observance Society).

As this contact eventually led to us all becoming Christians it was special for me that my first books were published by Day One Publications – it felt as if in a small way I could give something back to an organisation that had had a big impact on my life!

When I was at school ‘writing’ was probably my least favourite thing to do! However I loved making up stories in my head and, once I became a teacher, I loved to tell these stories to the children in my classes.

A few years ago I began to write these stories down and discovered that I actually enjoyed writing when there wasn’t the pressure of a teacher watching me!

Recently I have been invited in to a number of schools to carry out author visits. It has been great to talk about my work and take Christian books into schools.

Last year one of the Hidden Heroes books was used as the prize for a special challenge set by the Bishop of Lancaster. This meant that 1000 children in Lancashire received a copy of the book. I have heard of various stories about families beginning to attend church following this, which is brilliant!

Teaching, Youth Work, and writing take up a lot of my time but I also like playing netball in a local league, playing badminton, kayaking and lots of other things!

I hope you enjoy the books I have written. I hope that they help you to realise that the Bible is an amazing book and that following God is a wonderful thing to do!

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