Peter Dennis

I’m Peter, the author of the Easter Story book, and this is me with Mervyn and Beethoven thinking about the next stage of work for the viaduct on my model railway! Oh dear! By now you’re probably thinking, ‘Oh my word, what sort of person is this!!’ So I’ll tell you.

I’m a person who really struggled with learning when I was at school; I found reading and writing very difficult; I only passed a few exams and I never went to University.

But … I’m a person who gave his heart and life to Jesus over fifty years ago and I have let God guide my life ever since. He helped me through part-time study to qualify as an Architect (someone who designs buildings) and he gave me the opportunity to run my own business for nearly twenty-five years.

He also gave me the ability to relate to children and tell stories in an imaginative and engaging way. And then, about ten years ago, God made it clear that I should give up being an architect and work full time as a Christian going into primary schools doing assemblies, RE lessons and Christian after-school clubs, so that’s what I did. Some grown-ups think I’m nuts talking to puppets, but, even they have to admit I bring them to life! And that’s just one of the gifts God gave me for the work I did in schools up to when I retired in June 2013.

God blessed me with a lovely wife and we have three married children and nine grandchildren. I still lead the primary age youth work at our Church and I run our summer Holiday Bible Club; and, now that I am retired, I have started to fulfil a life-long ambition to build a large model railway, and that brings us back to where I started!

So, I hope that you enjoy the book and that God blesses you though it.

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