Mansoul activity book by Phoebe

by Phoebe aged 11

Phoebe was interviewed about her Sunday School …

Tell me about your Sunday School

My Sunday School is in the morning service. It’s taught by either my mum or Rebecca. I’m
the only one in the class as there are no other primary school kids in my church. There used to be more but they moved away.

What do you usually do in Sunday School?

We always start with a cup of tea and a biscuit, then we talk about our week and what
happened during the week. We pray before or after the Bible lesson.

What have you been doing recently?

I’ve been listening and enjoying the story of “Mansoul”. We find the answers, write them
down or colour in the sheets. We always have interesting discussions and fun.

Can you tell us about “Mansoul”?

Mansoul is a vast kingdom that represents our souls built by the great king “ El Shaddai “.
The evil giant Diabolus, who is meant to be the Devil disguised as a baby dragon, suddenly
takes over the throne of Mansoul. Will the great king El Shaddai send his son” Emmanuel”
to the rescue or will he leave the people of Mansoul in the hands of the evil Diabolus? You
find out near the end.

What do you think of “Mansoul”?

I think that the seven weeks of learning about “Mansoul” have been very
different from what I usually do in Sunday School. At first I thought that it
would be childish but I soon realised that I couldn’t be more wrong and I think
that it’s great for kids of all different ages!

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