Kath Cope

As an only child who always had her nose in a book, nothing gave me greater pleasure than writing stories. I joined a youth group from the local church in my late teens and became a Christian when someone explained the Gospel to me. It was as though a box of jigsaw pieces hjigsawad been thrown into the air and landed at my feet, every piece in the right place.

I saw the truth and I knew I wanted to serve Jesus for the rest of my life.

Becoming a Christian absolutely transformed me, I became a leader of the youth group alongside a young man called Nigel who has now been my husband for 37 years. We have a grown up daughter and son and two grandchildren.

For a number of years, I worked for an Educational Publisher and was given the opportunity to contribute small pieces to their Comprehension books. The boss would give me a title, the number of words required and the age group it was
aimed at. It was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon in the office though some
of the titles including ‘The Monster Truck’ took a lot of thinking about!

In 2009, my husband was made redundant and after being out of work for 10 months, we had the opportunity to buy the Christian Resource Centres in Preston and Lancaster. We prayed, we pushed doors and when they opened we stepped into the unknown and now spend our days serving the people, churches and schools of those two cities.

For a ‘bookaholic’ it’s a fantastic way to spend your working life and I particularly enjoy reviewing books for our website and recommending books to customers for Prizegivings, Christenings and gifts.

I noticed that many customers have trouble when it comes to choosing books for boys and so I decided to have a go at writing a children’s book where the main character is a boy.

A few years ago we visited members of our family who were working in Nepal, it was a wonderful experience which had a great impact on us all, especially our son who is now a humanitarian worker.
newMy book, ‘New Life in Nepal’ , is a fictional story about a boy called David who is trying to find his place in his church, his youth group and even his own family. I hope as you explore Nepal with David and take part in his adventures your imagination will be captured and you will be inspired to attempt great things for God.