Graeme Hewitson

My name is Graeme Hewitson, a Christian artist from the West of Scotland.

Two of the things I loved most as a child were drawing pictures and hearing Bible stories at Sunday school. I made the greatest decision of my life at the age of 8 when I put my trust in the Lord Jesus.

Many years later I began teaching in Sunday school, sharing the same Bible stories I had learned with the next generation. Around the same time I enrolled in art college in Glasgow.

After graduating I worked for a long time in design, photography and illustration, producing lots of dynamic images for the fine art industry. Although I loved the work, my greater passion was reaching children with God’s word.

A few years ago I felt God calling me to a new service. I often searched without success for great Bible pictures to display while telling stories, so rather than look for them I decided to provide them instead!

The decision to become a Bible artist allowed me to bring my faith and my artistic ability together! All kids seem to love animated movies and video games – so I decided to use the same computer software to produce Bible graphics in a similar visual style. Before long I had illustrated over 1,000 Bible scenes! My artwork featured in an International Children’s Bible along with several other publications.

Recently I set up where youth leaders and Sunday school teachers can download exciting serial stories to teach at church or school using PowerPoint. These are a mixture of Christian hero and Bible stories for younger children and teenagers. I was delighted when Tales of Truth and Day One recently came together to work on a fantastic range of children’s storybooks. It’s a real joy to hear of many kids all over the world being captivated and challenged with our books.

I feel truly blessed to help reach kids as a Bible artist and serve God in this exciting way.

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