Going out Marriage and Sex by Billie

by Billie Thaw – Youth Worker

I have used this booklet as a helpful resource for many years. It provides a comprehensive and helpful summary of the Biblical perspective on relationships, marriage and sex. It starts with a helpful overview that as Christians our thinking on all areas of life, including this one, should be God–centred and fall in line with His ways, not our own agenda or the prevailing culture.

‘Going out’ is explored in the context of friendship leading to marriage. Three key issues for Christian teenagers are then tackled head on: Is it ok to go out with a non–Christian? Does the Bible really say sex should be kept for marriage? and if yes, how physical should we be when going out?

Areas such as the consequences of not keeping God’s ways, singleness as a gift alongside marriage and forgiveness are also covered. I regularly use this material as a framework for a workshop I offer to 14–18s at The Oakes Holiday Centre in Sheffield, and the booklet is then made available to consolidate what has been discussed. I thoroughly recommend it.

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