Gill Jacobs

I’ve always loved making up stories. My sister and I used to tell each other imaginary stories at night before we went to sleep. Sometimes the stories were a bit scary. Other times they were so funny that our giggles brought my Dad upstairs to tell us to settle down.

When my own children were small I would make up stories for them. I remember once on a long ferry crossing to Norway I was telling a story about a lost rabbit. We got so involved in this story that we didn’t realise all the people sitting around us were listening too!

My Dad was a great story teller. Every night at bedtime he would tell us a Bible story. We knew many of the stories from Sunday school, but he was able to get into the story and help us to imagine how a character felt and what it must have been like to live in those far off days.

God has given us the Bible and he has also given us imagination. I hope my stories are fun to read but also hope they help young people like you get excited about the wonderful, true stories in the Bible.

Most of all I want you to know God, the author of the Bible.

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