Games, Games & more Games by Anita

by Anita Kosciecha

Games, Games, More Games is a fantastic resource for all those working with children and youth in church or school clubs. The book is helpfully divided up into four sections of different types of games: Gap Filler games, Mind Bender games, Action Time games, and Easy-going games. Each game lists the resources needed and gives instructions on how to play. They also name the age group which best suits the game – infant, junior or secondary. There is a wide choice of games with differing lengths of time needed to carry them out. This ensures that there will be a game for any occasion!

As a leader of our church’s kids club, I have found this book to be extremely useful; we have played many of the games as they are written, and have also adapted some to fit our group or to match a particular Bible story. It is very helpful to have on hand if you have a few extra minutes of time and you need to quickly think of a game. I highly recommend it to club leaders as a book with great games ideas and one that will spark new ideas of your own!

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