From the Chairman

Dr Jim Winter

Since the founding of the Lord’s Day Observance Society (now Day One) in 1831 we have sought to honour God by trying to promote the gospel and maintain His Day in the life of our nation and His church, believing that this a God-given ordinance for the benefit of our society.

The Sabbath was enshrined in creation, verified in the Commandments and exemplified in the life of the New Testament Church so that individuals and families may have a day of rest, free from the pressures of work, and that His people may be able to spend time together in worship, fellowship and instruction.

For many years this entailed a strong advocacy against the erosion of the Lord’s Day as our national leaders sought to secularise it by amending and even removing legislation that kept this day special. We still faithfully continue in this work in spite of the increasing parliamentary threat to completely humanize Sundays.

Alongside this, three essential arms of our work have been in publications, the prison ministry and youth work. It is the latter that I want to draw your attention to in this article.

As member of the Council for many years and now, as Chairman, I want to express my gratitude to God for and my concern about our ongoing youth ministry.

We long that young people may come into a living relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and grow in grace and a knowledge of Him.

I believe that our youth ministry is more needed today than ever before.

To this end our Youth Director, Tirzah Jones, who serves us on a full time basis, instigates and oversees the publication of literature that both challenges and inspires young people and equips youth leaders and churches to minister effectively among them. Those of us who have used this material are thankful to God for its effectiveness and its faithfulness to Scripture.

This ministry is unique in that it also enables us to present, through publications and teaching, the importance of the Lord’s Day for young people, many of whom are in churches that lack such teaching. Sadly, there is an increasing tendency for Christians,
even those of an evangelical persuasion, to neglect or downgrade the Sabbath ordinance. We believe that this work is crucial for the future well-being of the church, if our Lord tarries.

Tirzah works in ministering to young people and providing training for youth workers. She runs training days organized by local churches – twenty-two so far. We do not charge for this service but rely upon gifts from the organizing churches and individuals to cover our expenses, as we are fully aware that such training can be costly and is often beyond the financial resources of smaller churches. The feedback
we have received from those organizing and attending has been very positive. We encourage you to see for yourself:

Tirzah’s other speaking commitments include: midweek meetings at churches, lecturing and seminars. Her work with children and young people ranges from children’s programmes at conferences to providing youth resources at conferences.

During the past five years we have been grateful to God for the vision He has given us for this ministry as we have seen it grown in effectiveness, and believe that there is a pressing need to maintain and even expand this vital work.

We cannot do this without your prayerful and practical support. If you would like further information or to contribute to the youth work, please contact the Day One office, visit the website or donate here

May I close by thanking all our faithful supporters for all you have done in the past to enable Day One to proclaim the gospel of our Lord and the honour of His Day.