Emma Scrivener

Growing up I was always a ‘good girl’. My brother jokes that he got the looks, my sister got the brains and I got the morals. This is sad, but true. I liked keeping rules and it was really important to me that when I did things I did them ‘right’.

This was fine as a child – but as a teenager, being good wasn’t enough. My body and my world were changing and I didn’t know how to cope. I felt like I was too much – too needy, too intense, too messy, too fat. ‘Fat’ wasn’t about wanting to be a model or fitting into a smaller dress. It was a word for my mess – all the ways I stuck out and wasn’t right. It seemed to me that if I could shrink my body, I could clean up all my other worries. This was the start of a battle with anorexia, which nearly killed me – as a child and again as an adult.

What changed me was meeting the real God of the Bible – Jesus. His body was scarred so mine needn’t be. He was sacrificed for me. When all hope seemed lost, I cried out to Him and found that He was more beautiful than anorexia. He brings hope to all who are broken.

EatingDisorders_Cover.inddI now live in Eastbourne with my husband and our 19 month old daughter, Ruby. We love walking by the beach and belong a wonderful Church. Every day I thank God for His grace to me and to all who are broken. My passion is to tell others about Him as I speak and write on the ‘ Gospel ‘ and Mental Health issues’.