Discovering the hidden lamb by Elisabeth

First Published and reprinted with kind permission of Evangelical Times; January 2013

This book is part of the  Day One youth fiction series ‘Faithfinders’ which the catalogue recommends for 8-12 year olds. This is probably an accurate reading age bracket, but I’m looking forward to reading it to my 6-year-old son, albeit with the reassurance that it has a happy ending!

The story is well paced, and although the chapters vary slightly in length, none are too long to read at bedtime. It is a satisfying and not contrived blend of fiction and fact.

Events from the Gospels — Jesus’ ‘I am the Good Shepherd’ teaching; the raising of Lazarus, clearing the temple and triumphal entry; Jesus’ death and resurrection — are faithfully interwoven with the daily life of 9-year-old Ben, son of a Jewish shepherd.

Through Ben’s inquisitive eyes, we are given a window into first-century Palestine, and the final year of Jesus’ life. All the characters are engaging and endearing, with plenty of colour, but they don’t eclipse Ben’s journey of discovering the Lamb of God. Ben’s grandfather provides his own heart-warming testimony of Jesus’ birth. Key relevant passages from the Old Testament — the first Passover, Psalm 23 and Isaiah 56 — are considered through Ben’s lessons at the synagogue school. The potentially parallel fate of his pet lamb at Passover contributes to the drama of the plot. It is a cleverly written story that is a pleasure to read, giving vibrant everyday-life perspective on the events of the Gospels and fresh understanding of our final Passover Lamb.

Its focus on plain biblical truth is a welcome change from either overly fantastical or
moralistic fiction that many Christian youth books tend towards.

I think this will make a valuable and enjoyable contribution to children’s journey of discovery. Praise God, our Lamb is not hidden.

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