David Clark

I was born into a missionary family working in France. I lived there and had a French education until I was 15, when my family moved to England. That same year I was also converted while visiting the USA. My father started a church in Marseille, on the Mediterranean coast, one of the toughest cities in France. I now live in Welwyn, just north of London after spending a number of years in the USA.

These days, I run a computer consultancy and as a result spend a lot of time travelling between the UK and USA. I have worked with computer technologies for around 40 years, during which time there have been huge changes not only with technology, but as a result of this, with the way that we live and relate to each other.

It may be hard to imagine the world I grew up in, where you actually had to go to a library to look things up – really! No GPS, no Internet, no social media, no smartphone nor any other kind of personal device!

I started working on computer technology when I was a teenager, back in the day when the only computer I could access was at a local university – it filled a large room and was far less powerful than the tiny Raspberry Pi that I use to control my weather station.

I am now in my 50s, and have worked with computers all of my life. I am also a granddad and love it! All the joys of having children around and none of the responsibility!

I have been accused of being a bit of an“adrenalin junky”! I love rollercoaster’s, flying a small airplane (I have a pilot license) and really enjoyed bungee jumping when we visited New Zealand. That’s me in the picture (upside down…) David C

Above all, I love the Lord Jesus. I have run a number of companies in different countries, and while working for a Christian publishing company, I had the opportunity to visit churches in various parts of the world. It is such a wonderful thing to go into a strange church on Sunday in a far away country and find that you have everything in common with the people there – even when you can’t speak the language!

We live in a connected world, but the connections between Christians are so deep that all of eternity will not be able to change the bond that we have through the Lord Jesus. Now that’s a real thrill!