Colin D Jones

Dad - PhotoHi! my name is Colin Jones and I have written a number of Holiday Bible Clubs, the ‘Show and Tell’ series as well as some of the ‘Tales of Truth’ books for children.

I have been asked to tell you a little bit about myself. I grew up in the South Wales Valleys but haven’t lived there for many years. I am married, have four grown up daughters and four grandchildren. I live in West Sussex where I am the pastor of a church in Crawley near to Gatwick Airport.

As a Pastor I have always been keen on children’s work, writing and running Bible Clubs for over 40 years. All my daughters have shared that passion and are involved in children’s

work in the churches to which they belong.
2013-09-06 14.32.42I have two hobbies you might find interesting so I have included a few photographs.
I enjoy ‘Segway Riding’ either on or off road. You may have seen one. They are controlled by balance; there are no brakes or accelerator. You lean forward to make it go, backward to make it stop. It sounds difficult but usually only takes about ½ an hour to be able to ride well and start enjoying yourself.

Even more fun is my other hobby – off road driving in a very special Land Rover. It has been altered to let it go almost anywhere, certainly places your family car would not get. It travels happily through deep water, mud and up and down the steepest slopes.


It is not just for fun though, I belong to the “Sussex 4×4 Response” group. We are there to help people out in extreme weather conditions. We take medical staff to and from hospitals, AA1_0875Dr’s and nurses on their rounds when there is snow. We also assist the Police and Search and Rescue teams. Our job is to get people to areas where there are no ordinary roads. We do lots of training, not just in driving but also in First Aid, Amateur (HAM) Radio, towing, winching as well as safety around the railways and moving water.


Safety comes first so we are taught how to keep ourselves and others out of danger which sometimes, as in the case of flood water, means “keeping out”.

If that all sounds fun, it is! It is great to do something that is both fun and very useful. Again some pictures to give you an idea of where we drive our vehicles.

My real passion though is preaching about the Lord Jesus Christ and I have had the privilege of doing that all over the world.

I am very enthusiastic about the Tales of Truth series which we hope will let a whole new generation of children discover the thrilling life stories of people who in the past, have given their lives to serve God. They remind us of just how important it is to tell people about Jesus, and how faithful God is to those who obey him and do just that. If you haven’t read any of them yet, put them on your Birthday or Christmas list, I promise you will love them.