Be Bright by Jonathan

by Jonathan Carswell – Managing Director Ten of Those Ltd

As autumn approaches, many of us will see young people heading off from our churches to universities across the country. Depending on your location, you may also see students joining your church as they arrive in town.

But how can we support them and help them grow in their faith? And more importantly, how can they support themselves during this exciting, challenging and often eye-opening few years?

Dr Andrew King (Highbury Baptist) has written a really helpful little book, full of gems, that will help your young people start Uni well equipped to stand for Jesus.

The book is short, but as Michael Reeves says in his foreward, ‘Andrew has rammed it chock-a-block with good, sensible advice.’

The book is split into five parts. It starts by preparing the reader to leave for Uni, helping them to assess their worldview and understand its importance.

From there Andrew gets to grips with what they’ll need to know when they arrive, including how to find a church, how to choose friends, and how to witness to those they meet along the way. There is also a super chapter on ‘Why are you studying?’ On top of this, each section has study questions that are thought-provoking and helpful for applying truth.

This little diamond should be given to every student leaving for/arriving at university, whether they are strong in the faith or doubting their Christian upbringing.

‘Be Bright’ takes the high calling of God, to live holy lives, and applies it to some of the most energetic and impressionable people in the church family – students!

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