DayOne is passionate about the need to reach out to children & young people in a relevant way, and is committed to providing Biblical resources to support the church, those working in the church and the young people themselves.

In order to better facilitate this goal, in 2011 DayOne set up a Youth Ministries department dedicated to this cause.

We are currently working in four key areas:-

1. The promotion of the Lords Day

We are committed to our founding principle of encouraging the keeping of the Lord’s Day as a special day; we have visited youth groups and school groups, sharing this Biblical principle.

2. Publishing

We are increasing the volume of our youth publications, with a new dedicated children’s and youth section in the catalogue. We are publishing more and more resources each year. For regular updates use our sign-up Section

3. Training

We offer training tailor made that recognises every that every town, city and village is different; therefore training needs to be unique to your individual situation.

4. Supporting missionary children

We have been involved in a number of Mission conferences, running children’s programmes so that missionaries needing respite can sit under the main ministry at their conference.

None of this work could be accomplished without the much needed prayer and practical support of both individuals and churches. Please do remember this new area of our work in reaching a new generation with the Gospel message and teaching them the importance of understanding God’s Word.

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