12 Hidden Heroes – OT Bk 2 by Fiona

by Fiona Cranfield – Youth Worker

Hur, Bezalel, The Widow of Zaraphath – have you studied them in your Sunday School class? Or read about them in another book? Would you know where to find them in the Bible or what they can teach you once you’ve read about them?
Each chapter in this book tells you where to find the hidden hero – letting you read about them in the Bible for yourself either before or after you’ve read the book. The characters are those who show that God used (and still uses) so many different types of people: older, younger, soldiers, people who worked in the palace and just ordinary people. At the end of each chapter, there is a short paragraph that tells you what you can learn from this “hidden hero”. Finally, there are a few questions to encourage you to think for yourself and study a bit more – there are other Bible verses (often in the New Testament) showing how the themes and ideas we read about in these hidden heroes flow through the Bible.
Who do you look up to as your heroes? Those who are rich & famous? The characters written about in this book (and the others in this series) are excellent heroes for us all to follow. It just shows that the best heroes aren’t always those who are famous but sometimes the little characters hidden away – maybe only in a few verses in the Bible. Joash as a little boy, Barzillai as an old man, a soldier in Gideon’s army – these people about whom we don’t know very much are real heroes – hidden away in the Bible for us to go hunting for.

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